Who we are


The Wine Technology Platform (PTV) was born understanding the INNOVATION as the only way to improve the competitiveness of Spanish wines,. A unique meeting point and opportunity for all vitivinicultural agents to join forces in the field of R+D+i and to promote a business-science cooperation network.

Spain is the first country in terms of vineyard area, the third in terms of production, and one of the top five exporters in the world. This fact, together with the growing development of new technologies that the industry has been able to adapt, makes the Spanish wine sector one of the most important in the world.

Despite this potential, the wine sector in Spain is still quite far to be fully structured and its resources are not frequently invested in INNOVATION or mostly in an unoptimised way. Against this backdrop and due to this, the PTV was created with the aim of establishing a common R+D+i strategy for the entire sector.

The Wine Technology Platform is aimed at all those involved in the area of research, technological development and innovation of Spain’s wine industry, integrating:

  • The whole value chain: including wineries, auxiliary industries, nurseries, etc.
  • All stakeholders: including companies, business associations, regulatory boards, universities, public and private research centres, technology centres, oenological research stations, related technology platforms, public and private institutions, etc.
  • The whole area of Spain: all autonomous regions.
  • With the aim of INTERNATIONALISING the sector.

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